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XTRX6: Lenovo ThinkServers, System x Servers and Storage S3200 Technical Workshop

DURATION: 5 days

SCHEDULED DATES: TBD – Contact Us for more Information


This course includes information on the latest Lenovo Enterprise announcements – ThinkServers, System x Servers (M5 and X6), Flex Chassis with all its components and different compute nodes as well as the new Lenovo storage S3200.

This workshop gives the students hands-on experience with the local HW, which is available in the classroom. You will be able to work with the x3850 X6 server, M5 servers, ThinkServer RD models, a Flex Enterprise Chassis with scalable Ethernet and FC Switches, Flex System x compute nodes (x220, x240), S3200 Storage. You will become familiar with the latest technologies used in Intel servers, such as E5, E7 processors, the latest 12Gb SAS RAID controllers, FlashCache Storage Accelerator Software for SSD as a cache, the latest DDR4 memory details, Storage virtualization, Network Virtualization by Emulex 10Gb Ethernet controllers and much more.

You will learn to use the most useful tools for configuration, management and troubleshooting the System x servers and ThinkServers as well as become familiar with the ServeRAID configuration.

You will use an xClarity for HW management in the Flex chasis, analyze the status and health information, deploy VMware ESX, updating firmware for all Flex components and much more.


This course is intended for technicians, who provide hardware support for the new Lenovo ThinkServers, System x Servers, Lenovo Flex System and Lenovo S3200 Storage System or plan to implement and manage that environment.


Students will learn the following topics:

– Lenovo Enterprise products’ portfolio
– Intel x86 Architecture with the latest E5 and E7 CPUs
– DDR4 Memory, different Storage, I/O and Management options
– Lenovo ThinkServer TS, TD, RS, RD model overview
– Lenovo System x Enterprise X6 servers and M5 servers overview
– X6 Architecture and Scalability Support (up to 8-way SMP)
– Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis, x86 compute nodes
– Lenovo Flex System Networking (vNIC, FCoE), Storage
– Lenovo Flex System Systems Management, IBM FSM, Lenovo xClarity
– Ethernet, Storage Connectivity (VLAN, Zone), protocols (iSCSI, FC, FCoE, SAS)
– Storage Virtualization and Lenovo S3200 Storage System overview
– S3200/S3300 Storage Configuration
– Lenovo SAN Manager
– Problem determination using HW & SW Tools