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Lenovo DCG Training

Lenovo Data Center Group Training Courses.

IBM Courses

IBM Training and Education Courses.

Lab Rental

We provide equipment and lab rental hardware available for demo and training.

Latest News

SSE1 and SNV1 labs available!

We offer lattest, up to date SSE1 and SNV1 labs, completely aligned with official IBM labs. For additional information please send us an email to ales.vehar@compedu.si.
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Lenovo professional certification workshops continue

In week from 3rd to 7th June we have carried out sales certification and technical sales and storage certification in Nigeria, storage and cloud certification in SAR, sales certification in...
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Lenovo professional certification workshops

Last week we enabled Lithuanian and Latvian partners with professional sales and professional technical sales certifications. We also acquainted Latin America internal Lenovo sales/presales with the knowledge about Lenovo SDI.
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Lenovo Accelerate event, Disneyland, Orlando, USA, 13th to 15th May 2019

Compedu Team with Lenovo Accredited Instructors was invited to participate at Lenovo Accelerate event in Disneyland Orlando (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B_er6WtkNg) from 13th to 15th May 2019. We presented new Lenovo Profesional Certifications...
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IBM Cloud Private courses – new release

We proudly announce the release of three IBM Cloud Private courses, developed by our team. Check the content of these courses on our page or via provided link.
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