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LN DCG 300 S COM Lenovo Rack Servers with xClarity Management Technical Workshop

Format: Classroom

Duration: 3 days


This course includes information on the latest Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers as well as previous generation of Lenovo Servers (optional).

This class is a workshop, where students get hands-on experience on real remote HW available during the course. You will be able to work on latest Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers with xClarity Controller and become familiar with the latest technologies used in Intel servers, such as latest CPU, Intel Architecture, the latest DDR4 memory details, RAID, I/O controllers, AnyBay, HDD, NVMe, management capabilities within the server and centralized xClarity management, and much more.

You will do initial setup of the ThinkSystem Server by using integrated xClarity Provisioning Manager and xClarity Essentials tools, become familiar with all xClarity controller free and licenced features for daily administration and troubleshooting. You will also implement xClarity Administrator into the virtual environment and use all the features from the tool for a centralized daily management or troubleshooting of the whole Infrastructure.


This course is intended for pre-sale technical personal, administrators and technicians, who provide hardware support for the Lenovo Servers, install them and provide daily management.


Students will learn the following topics:

  • Intel x86 Architecture platform with latest CPUs,
  • ThinkSystem Servers technologies,
  • DDR4 Memory, different Storage, I/O and Management options including xClarity Controller,
  • Lenovo DCG Enterprise portfolio of products,
  • ThinkSystem Servers – model overview,
  • Systems Management with xClarity Controller,
  • Other Lenovo tools for installation and management of ThinkSystem Servers,
  • xClarity Administrator / Pro Implementation, Management of the Lenovo Servers,
  • xClarity daily management and advanced features like OS deployment, configuration templates…,
  • Problem determination using HW & SW Tools.