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LN DCG 300 S COM – Lenovo Sales Workshop

Format: Classroom

Duration: 2 days


• In a fast changing world of full of competition it is critical that sellers are able differentiate themselves and
their companies infront of their clients in order to deserve the right to work with them and to achieve stable
and long-term relationship beneficial to both sides.
• In this customer oriented sales workshop students will adopt the most important skills which are foundation
of high performing selling capabilities and long-term customer relationship. We will move away from
product selling, focusing on discovery and understanding of customer business needs by using consultative
selling approach through mapping sales process with customer buying process.
• During this course students will be able to learn and create effective plans on how to approach their
customer, identify their business needs and more opportunities, add more value to their conversation, fight
better against competition and have account and opportunity plan, reference stories and meeting plans
ready for next action on the field.


This course is suitable for new sellers, experiences sellers, sales managers, presales experts and project
No matter if you are new in sales or already an experienced seller, you will find new ideas and will improve
your selling skills


After completing this course students will:

  • Increase confidence in their selling
  • Understand what are customer expectations
  • Know how to make Customers service better
  • Build strong relationship with client
  • Understand how to drive sales conversation with added value for client
  • Build listening and questioning skills
  • Be able to adopt consultative selling approach
  • Diagnose customer business needs
  • Start customer conversation on all levels
  • Plan, Set and measure objectives for meetings
  • Discover Pain, Implication and Payoff of specific customer problem
  • Avoid and/or better handle objections
  • Become more effective by mapping their sales process with customer buying process
  • Understand customer‘s business strategy and use it as a selling tool
  • Connect technical specifications directly to business needs
  • Influence customer decision criteria
  • Search and find key decision makers
  • Document important steps and use them as sales tool to show high level of professionalism
  • Know how and when to submit a perfect offer with the most relevant content
  • Negotiate to achieve win-win outcome and get more profit
  • Achieve best possible outcome of project
  • Write and use reference story
  • Plan and execute customer acquisition campaign
  • Plan and execute fair strategy