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LN DCG 200 X COM – Lenovo xClarity Technical Workshop

Format: Classroom

Duration: 2 days


Systems management for Lenovo System x Servers and new Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers is done via xClarity family of products. The xClarity Controller provides system management functions for individual Server while xClarity Administrator & Pro is the software stack for managing multiple Systems that comes like virtual machine (OVF file). It provides a consistent interface that can be used to efficiently manage more than one Server or Chassis. xClarity Administrator can be used also to monitor new generation of ThinkSystem DS, DE and DM Storage, NE Networking Switches. To provide easier management directly from other administration platforms Lenovo also offer Lenovo xClarity Integrator.


This course is intended for pre-sales personal and technicians, who provide support for ThinkSystems or Flex from the management perspective and is involved with planning, installation, configuration and upgrading of Lenovo Servers and use of Lenovo xClarity management software.


Students will learn the following topics:

  • Lenovo Systems Management xClarity Family,
  • xClarity Controller details and funcationality (Standard, Advanced, Enterprise),
  • RAID Setup, BIOS update, OS Deployment,
  • Overview of xClarity Administrator editions (Administrator, Pro, Mobile),
  • The features of Lenovo xClarity Administrator,
  • Installation and implementation of management software on virtual environment,
  • Execute management tasks with the Lenovo xClarity,
  • Implement Update tasks of xClarity for firmware and compliance,
  • Remote deployment of OS on System x or Flex nodes,
  • Configuring server’s uEFI, xClarity controller settings with Configuration Patterns,
  • Storage and Networking monitoring via xClarity,
  • Overview of xClarity Integrators for Virutalization Managers,
  • Problem determination and troubleshooting.