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LN DCG 200 S COM – Lenovo Partner Onboarding Workshop with DCG Portfolio Overview

Format: Classroom

Duration: 2 days


This course is a high level introduction of Lenovo DCG for Partners that are looking to partner with or just starting to cooperate with Lenovo.
To help you grow your business we will look at various levels of Programs, for different sizes of businesses and different needs, Lenovo has available for Business Partners.
Overview of tools and resources will look at the benefits Lenovo is providing to partners in all stages of your business cycle including development or increase of new solutions business and standing out in front of competition.
Sneak a peek at tools and education programs provides clear inside in how Lenovo can help partners with faster time to market, develop internal resources, at the same time decrease cost of sales and operation.
All the above is underpinned with an overview of superior products, services and solutions lines, where we are going to see how they are positioned, where you as a partner will benefit and also what is new.
Participants will get an overview of Lenovo DCG Vision, Value of cooperation with Lenovo through Partner programs, tools and educational resources available. Course is a great overview of whole Lenovo DCG portfolio including Servers, Storage, Networking as well as Solutions helping partners to position products properly and choose the right product based on customer requirements .


This course is intended for partners that are looking to partner with or just starting to cooperate with Lenovo.


Students will learn the following topics:

  • Transformation is a new normal for Lenovo
  • Industry and technology changes and impact on business
  • BP business challenges and requirements
  • DCG Vision & Value (Portfolio overview,TrueScale,Supply Chain, Partnership, Programs)
  • Programs (features, requirements, positioning, promotions)
  • Tools (web, applications, catalogues, configurators, DCC, pricing, bid,…)
  • Resources (LETS, EBC, REPs)
  • Training & Enablement (LPP, Certification, Ladder)
  • Marketing (Assets, ThinkSocial, Social presence)
  • Future ( what’s new in programs, tools,…)
  • Introduction & overview of DCG Portfolio (1-2 Socket Rack & Tower, 4-8 Socket Mission Critical Servers, Blade and Dense , Edge Servers, AI)
  • Introduction and overview of Lenovo Storage (DE Series, DM Series, DAS, SAN Switches, Tape)
  • Lenovo Systems management (xClarity Controller, Provisioning Manager, Essentials, xClarity Administrator, Pro, Integrators)
  • Software Defined Infrastructure – Cloud vs HCI
  • Introduction and overview of Lenovo ThinkAgile (ThinkAgile HX (Nutanix), VX (VMware), MX (Microsoft), Microsoft Azure Stack – Hybrid Cloud Solution, ThinkAgile CP – Private composable Cloud)
  • Lenovo Networking (ToR and Campus Ethernet Switches)
  • Service and Support offerings