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AN73: UNIX / AIX Additional User Skills

DURATION: 2 days

SCHEDULED DATES: TBD – Contact Us for more Information


This course enables students to better manipulate files and processes in an AIX operating system environment.


This course is suitable for anyone who requires the more complete AIX user skills. This course and its prerequisites (or completion of the combined 4-day course – AN10) is a prerequisite for students who plan to attend the AIX System Administration courses.


Students attending this course should have previously mastered the following skills:
• Log in to an AIX system and set a user password
• Use AIX online documentation
• Manage AIX files and directories
• Set and work with basic file permissions
• Use file name wild-carding in the shell
• Use the vi editor (including command retrieval and modification)
• Execute common AIX commands
• Manage process standard input and output (including use of pipes)
• Customize environment variables in the login environment

These skills can be obtained by attending the prerequisite course (AN72).


After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Use shell variables, command substitution and related quoting mechanisms
• Manage parent and child processes whether in the foreground or background, including the scope of variables
• Customize the korn shell including the use of shell history and aliases
• Use find to locate and act upon a select set of files
• Use and debug pipes using various filters
• Work with a variety of filters such as grep, sort, head, and tail
• Use utilities to compare files and directory trees, handle non-printable characters in file names, archive and transfer files between systems
• Write simple shell scripts


• Advanced file management
• Using shell variables
• Processes
• Controlling processes
• Customizing shells and subshells
• AIX utilities, Part I with grep, sort, and other filters
• AIX utilities, Part II with find and xargs
• AIX Utilities, Part III with various other tools
• Additional shell features