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WB762: Administration of IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5

DURATION: 5 days

SCHEDULED DATES: TBD – Contact Us for more Information


In this five-day instructor-led introductory course, you learn the skills that are needed to install, configure, and administer IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5.

IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5 includes IBM Process Server, IBM Integration Designer, IBM Process Designer, IBM Process Center, and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. This course focuses on IBM Process Server, which is a high-performance business engine at the heart of business process management (BPM) and service-oriented architecture (SOA).


This basic course is for systems administrators, solutions administrators, and operators who install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot IBM Process Server applications.


The course covers how to install IBM Process Server in a network deployment environment. You learn about the various deployment topologies available for IBM Process Server, and the deployment options for various IBM Process Server components. The course also teaches you about the selection criteria for choosing an appropriate deployment topology.

You learn how IBM Process Server uses the service integration bus (WebSphere Platform Messaging) for all asynchronous communications. Understanding how the service integration bus works and knowing how to integrate it into the design of a topology are necessary for building a highly available IBM Process Server architecture. Finally, you learn about the service integration bus and how to configure it to support high availability and workload management.

Hands-on exercises on the Linux platform are provided throughout the course, giving you practical experience on how to design, deploy, and troubleshoot a highly available IBM Process Server environment. Through the labs, you configure IBM Process Server in a clustered environment and verify their configuration. You also deploy a basic IBM Process Server application and use it to test the capabilities of the IBM Process Server environment. Finally, you examine applications in IBM Process Center and deploy applications to the environment.

This course provides lab exercises running on IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5.1.

The lab environment for this course is Linux.