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SSA0S: IBM XIV Tecnical Training-Simulated Labs

DURATION: 2 days

SCHEDULED DATES: TBD – Contact Us for more Information


This course is designed to present the IBM XIV Storage System, including its hardware components and cabling concepts. This course also provides information on how to prepare, install, configure, and initialize the IBM XIV Storage System. It describes the steps to follow for the configuration of an IBM XIV Storage System and provides information about setting up, installing, configuring, and working with the three features that assist with Copy Services: snapshot, volume copy, and remote mirror. This course describes the specifications, features, and components for the server operating systems that can be associated to the IBM XIV Storage System. This course covers also data migration concepts. Students will learn how to plan, configure, and perform an XIV data migration.

This course incorporates lecture material and simulated labs to provide you with an overview of storage network and data center networking technology.

To enroll in the course that incorporates lecture material and live labs please search on SSA0G.


This is an instructor-led base course with simulated labs for individuals involved in the planning, installing, configuring, and upgrading of IBM systems.


It is recommended that you attend SS01G – Introduction to Storage, prior to attending this class

After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Summarize the XIV architecture, management tools, configuration, host attachment and replication options
• Classify the hardware and software of the XIV Storage System as well as the host connectivity options
• Recognize the operations that can be performed with the XIV GUI and CLI
• Classify the XIV implementation configuration components
• Summarize the concept of the Fibre Channel Protocol from both the storage system and host point of view
• Summarize the concept of the iSCSI from both the storage system and host point of view
• List the various XIV copy functions suited for data protection
• Classify the XIV remote mirror concepts and features
• Recognize the planning and implementation associated with data migration
• Identify the features associated with IBM Hyper-Scale