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SS06: Storage Management Fundamentals

DURATION: 2 days

SCHEDULED DATES: TBD – Contact Us for more Information


This course is an introduction to the system-managed, Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS) environment where the data set lifecycle is managed by predefined policy as required by service level agreements. It describes the components of the DFSMS architecture. At an overview level, it teaches the policy structure and how to build it using the Interactive Storage Management Facility (ISMF). ISMF is the storage manager’s interface to building and maintaining the managed environment.

The course also teaches how to develop and implement storage management strategies in z/OS as well as how to perform storage management tasks such as managing media, managing data, managing space, and managing availability.


This entry-level course is for beginning storage administrators and would benefit people such as applications and operations who need to understand issues associated with storage management.


Before taking this course, you should have a fundamental knowledge of data storage devices. This can be developed by taking the Introduction to Data Storage Subsystems course.


After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Describe the significance of system managed storage and automation of the data set lifecycle
• Specify the function and structure of the VTOC, the VTOC index, and the catalog in relation to monitoring the location and the current status of a data set
• Use ICKDSF to perform media management for volume preparation, surface analysis, and error handling
• Apply techniques available to resolve common space management problems
• Identify options to ensure data availability and recoverability
• Use ISMF options such as sorting, filtering, and commands to analyze data and volume attributes
• Advise users to effectively and efficiently use external storage based on data set use and characteristics
• Identify storage management functions that can be performed automatically in a DFSMS environment