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SS05: Introduction to Data Storage Subsystems

DURATION: 2 days

SCHEDULED DATES: TBD – Contact Us for more Information


This course teaches you about the architecture associated with z/OS data storage devices and covers the media characteristics of current direct access storage devices (DASD), storage controllers, tape/virtual tape subsystems and their associated host connectivity. In addition, this course explains the basics of DASD performance and some of the available solutions.

This course contains prerequisite information for further z/OS storage training in specialized areas such as storage administration, storage subsystem configuration, and system measurement and tuning.


This entry-level course would be beneficial to anyone who needs the basic knowledge and fundamental concepts associated with data storage devices. In particular, storage administrators, system programmers, and operations staff who are responsible for developing
storage management techniques or who need to understand issues associated with storage management.


As an entry level course, there are no prerequisites.


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
• Understand the issues with magnetic media recording
• Understand basic DASD and tape physical record architecture
• Correlate data set formats and organization with supported access methods and media
• Understand the elements that impact I/O
• Understand the function and benefit of intelligent controllers
• Explain some of the performance related solutions
• Understand I/O connectivity solutions on z/OS
• Discuss some of the availability features of z/OS
• Identify the role of tape and virtual tape libraries in the storage hierarchy