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WM252G Designing, Implementing, and Managing IBM MQ V8 Clusters

DURATION: 3 days

SCHEDULED DATES: TBD – Contact Us for more Information

Course Description

This course teaches you how to design, implement, and manage IBM MQ queue manager clusters. It begins with an overview of IBM MQ cluster components, and continues with information about how to design and set up a cluster, manage clusters, and identify, isolate, and resolve cluster problems. You also learn how to configure cluster attributes to balance the workload within an IBM MQ cluster. The course also introduces publish/subscribe clusters. Hands-on lab exercises throughout the course reinforce the concepts that are described in the lecture.
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• Describe the components of a queue manager cluster
• Design and implement a queue manager cluster
• Use IBM MQ commands and IBM MQ Explorer to implement and manage a queue manager cluster
• Identify, isolate, and resolve cluster problems
• Monitor application messages, control messages, and logs in the cluster
• Use queue manager, queue, and channel cluster workload management attributes to balance the cluster workload
• Use multiple cluster transmission queues to isolate the workload
• Describe the cluster design considerations for security, recovery, and failover
• Implement a complex cluster design by overlapping clusters or adding a gateway queue manager
• Add non-cluster queue managers into a cluster
• Implement a publish/subscribe cluster
• Describe the use of cluster workload exits
• Summarize cluster design, implementation, and administration practices

This intermediate course is designed for administrators of IBM MQ V8.

You should have experience with IBM MQ administration and successfully complete one of these courses:
• IBM MQ V8 System Administration (using Windows for labs) (WM207G)
• IBM MQ V8 System Administration (using Windows for labs) (ZM207G)
• IBM MQ V8 System Administration (Using Linux for Labs) (WM209G)
• IBM MQ V8 System Administration for z/OS (WM302G)
• Course introduction
• IBM MQ clustering overview
• Designing and implementing a cluster
• Exercise: Defining and testing a cluster
• Managing a cluster
• Exercise: Managing the cluster
• Problem determination and resolution
• Exercise: Identifying and resolving cluster problems
• Managing the workload in clusters
• Exercise: Balancing the workload
• Securing the cluster
• Exercise: Securing a cluster
• More cluster design considerations
• Exercise: Implementing overlapping clusters
• Introduction to publish/subscribe clusters
• Exercise: Configuring a publish/subscribe cluster
• Course summary